Should You Change Your Lifestyle?

The conventional question regarding whether one should move, improve or relocate typically occurs when either a home seller or sellers are attempting to resolve some of the following issues: 

  • Should we put in a new kitchen, go through remodeling stress ... or just buy another home that has the kind of kitchen we desire?
  • Should we, now that we have two additional children ... build an addition, or buy a larger home?
  • Should we remain living here because our children have lots of friends, and we like our neighbors, and just put up with our backyard being excavated for a pool, or sell this home and buy another home with a pool?
  • Should we run the risk of over-improving our home for the neighborhood ... or move up?
  • Should we take out a home equity loan for the improvements ... or buy another home with a new mortgage? 



  • Housing Market
    How important is the cost of housing?
  • Financial Health
    How important is the financial health or projections of a potential state?
  • Taxes
    How important are state and local taxes?


  • Transportation
    How important is it to live near a major airport?
  • Medical Care
    How important is it to be near a major hospital?
  • Education
    How important is it to live near a university or college town?